About Me

Hi All,

My name is Arpita,

I have done this Review site because I am a passionate lover of Modern genre! I have had this love for Mills and Boon Romances since 1965 and it is as strong as it always was. Over the years I have been busy with my teaching career first in Calcutta, India and then in the UK where I was teaching in an Inner London Comprehensive Secondary School for twenty years. I retired in 2008. I was also the Second in the English department and enjoyed every moment of my position as I was into Classical Literature which I read for my Masters Degree and for my B.A. Honours degree and also for the Bachelor of Education course.

I enjoyed imparting my love of the Classics to my students. No matter how much I kept my secret passion well hidden some of my students had faint suspicions that I did read M&B books to relieve my stress and tension of lesson preparation and marking!

My other passion is to enjoy Western Classical Music particularly Mozart and Chopin. German folk music / Country Music are my other favourites  that inspires me! The lyrics of some of  the Country Music fits in beautifully with the story-lines of some Modern genre Romances! Those stories bring such joy to my heart!

An ideal atmosphere for me however is to have Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra play softly in the background the waltzes of the Strauss family and get lost in the fantasy world created by the Classic, contemporary writers of Modern genre!

I had chalked up 32 years of teaching both in India and in the UK and was awarded ‘Chartered London Teacher’ status prior to my retirement.

I have no ulterior motive other than sharing my love for this Fantasy world where anyone who has strong romanticism in them can escape for a couple of hours for sheer enjoyment and pleasure from the harsh reality of the world we are living in! It is an altruistic motive and nothing else! So enjoy this particular Modern genre and dream on.

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew”.  W.Shakespeare

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