Buying His Bride of Convenience by Michelle Smart

Buying His Bride of Convenience by Michelle Smart Book Cover Buying His Bride of Convenience by Michelle Smart
Modern Romance ( Bound to a Billionaire,Book 3) Trilogy, 3 book series.
Michelle Smart
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
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Fascinating, stimulating, engrossing fairy- tale- like Modern genre Romance! 5A*!

Daniele ‘was a handsome man. However Eva, found nothing to like or admire about him’. ‘His redeeming features were his looks and physique and the size of his bank account’.’He’d shrugged his broad shoulders but without the ready smile she remembered from their ‘date’.’’How could such a hateful, arrogant man be so blessed?’’And he had the most beautiful eyes, an indecipherable browny-green eyes, staring intently into hers.’ ‘Daniele then thought of his last date. The only date he’d been on that hadn’t ended in the bedroom’.’Eva Bergen was possibly the most beautiful and definitely the sexiest woman he’d met in his thirty-three years and she hated his guts.’ ‘Eva knew who he was.’ ‘The deep, rich tones and heavy accent was none other than that of Daniele Pellegrini.’ ‘He looked and smelled too good and his easy, stomach –melting smile was back in its place.’ ’Standing before this beautifully smelling, impossibly handsome man made her feel like a ragged urchin’.’What I want is to get on my jet and fly away but what I need is a wife, and you, tesoro, are the perfect woman for the job.’ ’You are despicable, do you know that? And for the record, I am not your darling!’’Why would you want to marry me?’’A tight smile played on his lips. ’It’s nothing to do with want. It’s to do with need. I need a wife’.’I don’t want to marry someone who’s going to fall in love with me’. ‘Daniele was too attractive, too masculine, smelled too good’. To him, Eva looked incredibly beautiful, ethereal and yet substantial. He would kiss every part of that creamy skin beginning with her pink, sensual lips.’ ‘Tomorrow night you get to share my bed’.’With that happy thought I bid you good night. See you at the chapel, tesoro’.’We’re together now,’ his look said. ’This is it. You and I’.
The skill of Michelle Smart, as a writer, is her creativity of a plot that grips the attention of the reader from the word go! It captures the imagination of the reader who is compelled to read on and try to be with the Alpha handsome Neandthral billionaire and be a part of his lifestyle and enjoy the fantasy world! The dialogue, the sparring, the ironical statements and the various linguistic styles that are employed also enriches the story line with chuckles and growls! A must buy series of three books to be revisited time and time again! Brilliant and stupendous!