Capriani’s Innocent Captive by Cathy Williams

Capriani’s Innocent Captive by Cathy Williams Book Cover Capriani’s Innocent Captive by Cathy Williams
Modern Romance
Cathy Williams
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Fantastic, sheer delight, compelling page turner! 5* indeed!

‘Katy looked less like a computer whizz-kid and more like a hippy. However she had the sort of multi-coloured coppery hair, an elfin face with enormous , beguiling mix of bright-green and turquoise eyes, her creamy complexion was free of freckles, had absurdly prettiness, that was more dramatic because she seemed so unaware of it that held Lucas’s gaze for reasons he couldn’t begin to fathom.’ ‘She was only five –three so she had to crane her neck up to look at him’. To Katy ,’Lucas was, simply put, beautiful’. ’She found herself thinking , he’s almost too beautiful to bear looking at.’  ‘He had perfect features, burnished bronzed skin, dramatic masculinity of physique, and exuded a certain power and charisma that scrambled one’s ability to think straight’.’He possessed a dark, brooding, in-your-face sensuality that she hadn’t expected.’ ‘He had stunning dark eyes, fringed with inky black, luxuriant lashes that pierced through the thin veneer of Katy’s self confidence’.’You gave me a job to do and I was doing it to the best of my ability’.’I’m sorry...people’s sincerely meant promises, is something I don’t do’. He thought,’a chit of a girl who was destined for the scrapheap, for some reason was diluting his focus by her arresting good looks’.’However much you look at me with those big, green eyes the word of an adulterer is something of a tall order’. ‘You are an arrogant, domineering bully!’’For a terrifying moment her anger was eclipsed that made her breathing sluggish and laborious’. Lucas was observing her. ’She was at the same time lippy, argumentative, stubborn and as unpredictable as a keg of dynamite’.’Yet she was dangerously pretty, rebellious and lacking in a moral compass was a recipe for disaster’. Katy kept looking at him and there was,’That smile’.’A long, slow, lazy smile seemed to insinuate into parts of her that she hadn’t known existed’.’Which bit exactly, are you not understanding?’’You can’t just kidnap me for weeks on end?’’That’s a crime!’ ‘However she knew the alternative was litigation, legal bills and no job’.’You’re going to be with me,’ ’With you?’’Not without being mauled to death in the process.’ 'Lucas raised his eyebrows and there was that smile again’.’She hated him’.’You’re not a man’.’If I am not a man, then what am I?’’You’re’re my captor’. ‘Lucas laughed, a rich, throaty laugh that set her senses alight and her pulses racing’.

Cathy Williams is a genius of a writer with an unusual flair for writing Modern genre romances with plenty of verbal sparring, fencing, sarcasm, innuendoes, which encapsulates the story line so engagingly! Her stories are always streamlined with minimum of characters and so the interest of the readers never flag rather it is sustained throughout the story. The characters reveal their love for each other so openly as it were, because they reveal it using economy of actions and words! The hero is one to -die -for and the heroine is extremely endearing, winsome and yet emotionally strong! A stupendous and a brilliant story as always from Cathy Williams!