Carrying the Spaniard’s Child by Jennie Lucas

Carrying the Spaniard’s Child by Jennie Lucas Book Cover Carrying the Spaniard’s Child by Jennie Lucas
Modern Romance (Secret Heirs of Billionaires, Book 10)
Jennie Lucas
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Stimulating, scorching, compelling page -turner Modern Romance! 5A* indeed!

Belle had been ‘dazzled by Santiago’s dark gorgeousness, his height, his broad shoulders and muscular body from the moment she’d laid eyes on him.’ Santiago had turned to the groom and suggested Darius could ’’still make a run for it’’ and abandon his bride at the altar!’At that instant Belle’s attraction for him turned to ‘hatred with a passion’. She wished that ‘he would do the world a favour and die.’

‘Santiago Velazquez was too handsome, too sexy, too powerful and too rich. He was at the same time a selfish, cynical playboy whose only loyalty was to his own vast fortune.’ ‘He was nearly a foot taller than her own petite height, and he wore arrogance like a cloak on his broad shoulders’.’He had a face like a dark angel, and was everything she hated most.’ His dark black eyes narrowed as he stared at her and asked her with his cruel, sensual lips curving mockingly.’Are you crying, Belle?’ ‘His husky, Spanish-accented voice seemed to be laughing at her.’ ’But as little as she liked him, the wickedly sexy Spaniard attracted -and scared –her.’ ‘Could a New York billionaire, really want Belle –a plump, ordinary waitress from small -town Texas?’’You’re wrong Belle, I’ve wanted you since Darius ‘s wedding , since you told me to go to hell?’’For one night, you can know what it feels like to be truly, recklessly alive’. ‘Ravaging hunger built inside him.’ ’What did you say to Letty?’’I said, ’you were a selfish bastard without a heart’.’He looked down at her, sleeping so soft beautiful, so opinionated and dreamy and kind and optimistic’. The story line takes a turn and when she discloses she is pregnant he says to her, ‘Perfecto  ‘, going to the door he coolly says to her, ‘Now get the hell out’.’What did you expect? That I’d fall to one knee and beg you to marry me? Sorry to disappoint you’.

The genius of Jennie Lucas is to be admired! Her craftsmanship as a writer using sarcasm, verbal sparring, witticism, irony, economy of gestures, hand movements, the life style of the super rich, a peep into their fantasy world provides pleasure and happiness to ordinary mortals in our society! The Alpha hero also displays tenderness and remorse by the end of the story which has a gripping plot and the winsome Belle gets what she wants! Stupendous romance! Worthy to grace any home library!