Claimed for the Leonelli Legacy by Lynne Graham

Claimed for the Leonelli Legacy by Lynne Graham Book Cover Claimed for the Leonelli Legacy by Lynne Graham
Modern Romance (Wedlocked , Book 88 )
Lynne Graham
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Scorching, enthralling, exciting masterpiece, a must buy Romance! 5A*undoubtedly!

Max, ‘a multimillionaire financier at twenty-eight had grown into a striking man with olive-toned skin, spectacular bone structure and a hard, challenging gaze. His eyes were black-lashed dark and flaring bright as topaz in the firelight.’ ‘While Tia raised in a convent had the innocence and purity of an angel! She brushed out her thick honey-blonde hair to let it dry loose.’ ’She was a soft touch and unashamed of the fact.’ Max’s mind went momentarily blank as a young woman of quite extraordinary beauty tumbled through the door with her great mass of honey-blonde hair round her heart-shaped face, high cheekbones, cornflower –blue eyes and a perfect pouty little mouth. Her skin was flawless too.’ On the other hand Tia herself was struck by the beauty of Max!’He literally took her breath away. He had one of those Renaissance faces she had seen illustrated in manuscripts.’ He had ‘smooth bronze skin, a straight masculine nose, a wide sensual mouth and eyes as dark and rich as chocolate.’ ‘He. Was. Gorgeous.’ ’Tia was quite astonished by his height of over six feet tall and she only passed five feet by two inches’. ‘He was all lean, muscular power and energy.’ Max was observing her and thinking to himself that ‘Tia was a classic, unspoilt and utterly a natural beauty’.’Max smiled at her, dark eyes mesmerising below the thick veil of his lashes and immediately butterflies danced in her stomach!’’The dark rich tenor of his voice shimmed up and down Tia’s spine like a caress’.’Tia was attracted to him so was he! She was beautiful, kind and understanding’.’This is the hotel?’’Yes’, a dancing smile slashed Max’s beautifully shaped mouth, his dark as night eyes gleaming.’ ‘I thought you would enjoy it’.’There she was: his beautiful downfall, the film-star beauty ruffled but no less appealing.’
Romantic readers need to read on as it is a spectacular page turner because there is something eventful happening at every twist and turn, in the events of the story. There is never a dull moment! The plot is engaging, not too many characters and both Max and Tia develop and grow into love for each other and the story line ends on a happy- ever- after fairy tale! There are plenty of sarcasm, sparring, acts of rebellion and then all is well that ends well! An unmissable Romance to be read at one go! Stupendous, truly Classical style of writing by a renowned genius like Lynne Graham!