His Queen by Desert Decree by Lynne Graham

His Queen by Desert Decree by Lynne Graham Book Cover His Queen by Desert Decree by Lynne Graham
Modern Romance (Wedlocked, Book 89 )
Lynne Graham
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Stupendous, enthralling, sheer delight to read this riveting Modern Romance! 5A*!

‘King Azrael had the most amazing dark golden eyes, wide sensual mouth set in a harsh line. Long luxuriant black hair fanned round his set bronzed features.’ ’Mr. Gorgeous was incredibly tall, well over six feet in height.’ ’Molly was a happy, small, curvy, winsome woman with eye catching fall of long coppery ringlets dancing on her slim shoulders.’ ’Her green eyes sparkling with delight she barely passed five feet in height’. ‘Her skin was as fine and fair as pearlised silk.’ ’She was a beauty, a truly unusual beauty, her eyes reminding him of the exact shade of his late mother’s famous emeralds’. ‘Azrael knew how authoritative and intimidating he could be, he was prepared to use that strength against her if necessary.’ ‘Though he could not help but observe that she ‘had hour-glass curves, an incredibly womanly figure and a lustrous full mouth’.’She could see his animosity in the steely glint in his- darker-than –dark eyes and the set compression of his full male lips.’ ’Azarael’s lips curled because he could read insincerity at twenty paces’.’An ebony eyebrow lifted enquiringly’. ‘It was surface-thin civility but he didn’t know that, did he?’’She shouted in exasperation,’I want justice, not money’.’And I am sorry that you are a King who does not appear to know right from wrong’.’The Djalian king froze into an ice statue of chilly dignity every time she raised her voice’.’Azrael erupted afresh in disbelief, when he was told that Molly had escaped! ‘She is a stubborn, determined woman who has run away because I told her that she couldn’t leave’. When he does find her, he scolds her shouting, ‘You stupid, stupid woman’.’Stripped of clothes, Azrael was magnificent’.’For the past forty-eight hours I have been very upset which means my temper is on edge too’.’And without the smallest warning, Azrael smiled and it illuminated his serious features like a sudden flash of sunlight, the charismatic smile made him so handsome and her breath caught in her throat’.
These descriptive sentences will say it all to the fans of the writer and the romantics at heart! One can pick out the riveting mannerisms of the king, the sarcasm, wit and sparring that will continue till the very end of the story. Their issues appear to be insurmountable yet it all ends so happily! The Epilogue is wonderful and will bring about a smile and chuckle on the reader’s face. Go for it! Must buy Modern Romance from a great Classic writer of Contemporary Romance! Brilliant!