Martinez’s Pregnant Wife by Rachael Thomas

Martinez’s Pregnant Wife by Rachael Thomas Book Cover Martinez’s Pregnant Wife by Rachael Thomas
Modern Romance( Convenient Christmas Brides,Book 2)
Rachael Thomas
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Wonderful concluding duet by a genius writer of power, passion and irresistible temptation! 5A*unquestionably!

‘Because she’s the woman you wanted to love.’ Maximilano thought this in his mind the moment he saw his estranged wife! ‘Whatever spark had brought them together was still there and it was past time he snuffed it out. For good.’ ’Lisa’s red hair was tumbling around her shoulders, green eyes blazing at him yet she was a real, honest, beautiful and beguiling woman and his wife. The aggressive words rushed out from Max, ’You need to go’.’No buts, Lisa. Just go’.’Our marriage was a mistake’. Her frosty look said it all! ‘We are still married.’ She threw her words at him like daggers,’I want a divorce’. Max had lethal charm, his height, dominating the air, his hint of Spanish accent tugged at her heart and she had fallen in love with him at first sight
The readers will observe the sparring that takes place between them and will be enticed into their issues immediately. ‘You can’t just march me out of here and bundle me into your car like a troublesome package’.’So where are we going?’ prompt came the reply, ‘My apartment’. Note his mannerisms, ‘her blasé reply made his brows rise in a suggestive and incredibly sexy way and she drew in a deep breath’.’He smiled the kind of smile that he held all the power’.’You are coming home with me .You are my wife,’ he said with a feral growl which served only to spike her mutinous anger even higher’.
The plot is enticing, the hero Max and heroine Lisa develop and grow in stature as the events unfold. It is a compulsive page turner with plenty of linguistic skills which are on display whenever they meet. Both the brothers Raul and Max are so similar and in their personalities, that they will cause emotional tussles in the hearts of the readers! Brilliant! A duet of Romance worthy to buy and treasure!