Protecting His Defiant Innocent by Michelle Smart

Protecting His Defiant Innocent by Michelle Smart Book Cover Protecting His Defiant Innocent by Michelle Smart
Modern Romance (Bound to a Billionaire, Book 1)
Michelle Smart
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Simply Unmissable, stimulating, impeccable Modern genre Romance! 5 A* no question!

‘The darkest brown eyes set in the most handsome face Francesca had ever seen, stared back at her.’ ’You must be Francesca’. Felipe Lorenzi spoke with a heavy English accent and from firm, generous lips that didn’t even hint at a smile’. ‘This man had a headful of thick hair that was darker even than his eyes’.’He raised a brow.’ ’Were you expecting someone else?’ ‘His face was intensely, masculinely beautiful though battle-hardened.’ ‘He had an aura of danger about him that sent thrills racing through her bloodstream’. ‘Felipe hadn’t expected her to be so truculently sexy in tight ripped jeans’.’Her height was the only thing average about her.’ ‘Everything else about her was extraordinary from the sheet of glossy black hair, the wide, kissable lips and clear olive skin.’ ’She spoke in impeccable English,’ ’Just so we’re clear, you work for me’. ‘There was a definite challenge in that husky tone.’
Follow this conversation which will bring out the sarcasm in their dialogue! ‘How old are you?’’I’m twenty-three’.’Almost an old woman’, he mocked.’ She retorted, ’I might be young but I am not stupid. You don’t need to patronise me’. Felipe replied quickly enough, ’Look at yourself .You’re young, rich and beautiful. You’re a woman’.’She stared at him with eyes that spat fire’.’Take your things and get off the plane. I hired you to protect me and not babysit for me. I’m terminating our contract’. To which, ‘he gave a nonchalant yawn. Dios he was tired.’ ’Her answering glare could have curdled milk’.’Who cared if he had a face that could make a heart melt and a physique that screamed sex appeal?’ ‘He was still an arrogant tyrant’.’Felipe thought Francesca could be Aphrodite and still he would keep his distance’.’The more Francesca looked at him, the more she wanted to look. He really was heavenly to look at’.’Felipe was the sexiest man she’d ever laid eyes on’. ’Should I arm myself with a feather duster to protect you?’’Only when they were airborne did he put the gun back in his inside pocket’.’Put your seat belt back on.’ she mimicked under her breath.’ ’Don’t do this, don’t do that, just do exactly as I say’. He stared hard at her angry face.’You need to stop acting like a brat’.’One day in Francesca Pellegrini’s company and he was ready to punch walls’.’She’d been imagining inflicting pain on Felipe Lorenzi, who was horrible, arrogant and a patronizing man’. While he on the other hand, was thinking how he would cope for a week, in her company, without either throttling her or bedding her.’ ’It was that damned woman in the suite next door who was the cause of it’.’You’re my client. There can be nothing between us. Do you understand that?’
Suffice to say that Michelle Smart has the creative skill to generate instant enticing attention of the romantic readers to go deep into the dramatic start of the story. The linguistic styles go a long way to make the story a compelling page turner till the very end of the fairy tale! The billionaire tycoon with his economy of gestures and movements will sweep the readers into a world of fantasy and make them chuckle and enjoy all the fun and pleasure of that exclusive life which readers can only dream of! Stupendous, brilliant start to the trilogy! Go for it now in any format!