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Engaged for Her Enemy’s Heir by Kate Hewitt

Engaged for Her Enemy’s Heir by Kate Hewitt Book Cover Engaged for Her Enemy’s Heir by Kate Hewitt
Modern Romance (One Night With Consequences, Book 33)
Kate Hewitt
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Realistic and yet gripping, emotional, fascinating, compelling page turner! 5A* indeed!

‘From across the room Allegra saw a flash of amber eyes, a wing of ink-black hair, that was definitely noticeable, and he was devastatingly attractive , inappropriately masculine, tall, muscular, radiating energy , vitality and yet was seductively compelling.’ ’Are you hiding?’ ‘His voice was low, melodious and masculine.’ ’He was standing there like a handsome prince from a fairy-tale except there was something a little too wicked about the glint in his eye.’ ‘Him’. ‘He really was amazingly good-looking-dark hair cut slightly, rakishly long, glinting amber eyes, a strong jaw with a hint of sexy stubble’.’The look of sleepy speculation in the man’s eyes made her skin prickle, it was like a caress.’ On the other hand, ‘Rafael didn’t know who this beguiling woman was, but he was captivated by her cloud of Titan curls, the wide, grey eyes, that were as clear as mirrors reflecting her emotions of sorrow, weariness and grief.’ ’She was utterly lovely, from her silver-grey eyes to her pert nose, lush mouth, her porcelain, pale and creamy skin with a scattering of red-gold freckles’.’Primal need blazed through him. She just inflamed him’.’Tell me what your favourite piece of music is.’ ’She smiled and it was like a ray of sunlight on his soul, disconcertingly bright, reaching too many dark corners in him yet it was just a smile.’’ He reached for her hand , pulling her gently towards him and his fingers closed around hers.’ ’There was only one woman he wanted in the wake and he was holding her hand.’ ‘You have the most enchanting smile’.’Rafael was still holding her hand, his smile was slow and sensual as a river of honey trickling through her’.’She thought what kind of woman followed a strange, sexy man up to his penthouse suite?’Rafael said to her, ‘You are so beautiful and lovely.’ ‘While she thought ‘he was a work of beauty.’ ‘Allegra,’ Rafael asked hoarsely, turning to stare down into her pale, lovely face, ’Who are you?’’I’m Alberto Mancini’s daughter.’ ‘The daughter of his enemy, his nemesis.’ ‘His voice was brusque, ’You should go ‘.’We had a one-night stand. It’s over.’ ’Goodbye’, she said, her voice soft, sad and proud all at once and then she was gone.’
Yes, those descriptive sentences, adjectives describe the winsome beauty of Allegra and the sheer handsomeness of the tycoon/billionaire Rafael! His acts of tenderness for her are admirable! There are plenty of instances where the linguistic styles of sparring, sarcasm, irony comes into effect. The peep into the life style of the super rich is one of joy and happiness for those of us who believe in the magic of love! It is a beautiful story crafted by no less than a creative writer like Kate Hewitt! She spins a fairy tale and the charm is spread all around her fans and the romantic circles around the globe. Brilliant and a must buy in any format!