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The Prince’s Stolen Virgin by Maisey Yates

The Prince’s Stolen Virgin by Maisey Yates Book Cover The Prince’s Stolen Virgin by Maisey Yates
Modern Romance (Once Upon a Seduction,Book 2)
Maisey Yates
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Dramatic, exciting and emotional Modern genre! 5*!

Prince Felipe and Princess Briar /Talia are a very attractive couple indeed. Their attraction for each other is combustible and engrossing. One would expect them to go up in flames! However, one has to comment on their physical attributes from the very beginning of the story! ‘He was looking at her and a slow smile spread over his face when he saw that she was looking at him’. She found him attractive and eye-catching with his ,‘Dark hair which was pushed back from his forehead, there was the dark stubble on his jaw, and the expression in his eyes, suggested that he was privy to a host of secrets’. ‘He was beautiful’. ‘Are you running away from me?’’You seemed to be walking quickly and with purpose’. To Briar, ‘his voice with an accent may be Spanish sounded so sexy.’ ’He was stunning up close and smiled, revealing perfect teeth’ .He started to look at her and found her to be ‘tall’ which was a refreshing thing for him as he was at least five inches taller than her height. Felipe said to her, ’You’re far too beautiful to walk around alone’.’Wait!’She didn’t.’She felt disembodied as she was knocked down by a taxi. ’How long was I asleep?’’You were unconscious only for an hour or so’. ’No I am not delivering you to my father’.’You will be mine’. She retorted, 'I’m not your fiancée, I’m a kidnap victim? And I have to marry a monster!’’That is ridiculous!’ He replied, ’I am however announcing our engagement tomorrow and you will not go against me’.’He smiled and he would do well to charm her’. The prince leaned in slightly and said to her, ’You must work at looking as though my touch doesn’t disgust you’.’You look beautiful,’ he said to her with a glint in those dark eyes and with a slight quirk of his full mouth’. And the readers are not to forget that he had charmed her totally with ‘the perfection of those broad shoulders, the exquisitely sculpted face that was a work of art all on its own’.
Maisey Yates has spun a fairy tale story of a monster who can be tamed by an attractive princess who has a charming personality of her own with plenty of brimstone as well! There are various linguistic styles employed such a irony, sarcasm, wit, pun to make the story line interesting and fun! The plot thickens as each event unfolds so that by the end of the story it comes to a brilliant end! Go for it !