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Legacy of His Revenge by Cathy Williams

Legacy of His Revenge by Cathy Williams Book Cover Legacy of His Revenge by Cathy Williams
Modern Romance
Cathy Williams
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Fantastic and sheer delight, emotional and scorching Modern genre Romance! 5A*!

‘Matias Rivero raised his eyebrows in an expression of frank incredibility!’ ‘Seated he was formidable, standing he towered’. ‘He was six feet three, of solid, packed muscle, raven black-haired and black eyed with the colour of the darkest, richest chocolate. Matias was sinfully beautiful, with lean face wonderfully chiselled into absolute perfection. ‘’He oozed the sort of stupendous sex appeal which made heads swing round for a second and third look’. ‘Matias then turned his dark eyes, narrowing on her flushed and surprisingly pretty face. Her vanilla shade of unruly hair and perfect clarity of her aquamarine soft, innocent look wasn’t going to fool him’. ‘Sophie Watts was small, homely, plump little creature and a sexy little angel’.
’In that case allow me to enlighten you. My employee was driving my Maserati. You crashed into it and I have been told that your insurance policy is invalid’.’The way he moved, tilted his head, the unconscious flex of his muscle, slow lazy smile had devastating effect on Sophie Watts! ‘Impossible though it was, she looked as pure as the driven snow.’ ‘Her voice was wobbling; she was shocked at her own stridency of her voice as she was yelling at him.’ ‘In other words you’ll own me, until you consider the debt to be paid off for crashing into your stupid car’. He smiled coolly,’that’s one way of putting it’.’He was arrogant, ruthless, self-assured, could do what he wanted and no one would object. He had power, money, looks and it was a complete turn-off for her’.
Cathy Williams, true to her form, has created a story full of stress, passion, instant chemistry within a framework of engaging plot which keeps the readers totally charmed and caught between the two of them till all is resolved at the very end! It is an unputdownable romance that has to be read at one go. Brilliant!