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The Virgin’s Shock Baby by Heidi Rice

The Virgin’s Shock Baby by Heidi Rice Book Cover The Virgin’s Shock Baby by Heidi Rice
Modern Romance (One Night With Consequences, Book 34)
Heidi Rice
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Scorching, emotional, enthralling Modern genre! 5A* undoubtedly!

‘Dario had certainly made an impression on Megan.’ ‘He was staggeringly handsome; his bold ice-blue, heated gaze had raked over her when they’d been introduced by her father.’ ’The man was not just tall, dark and handsome, but also extremely dangerous-----to her peace of mind’.’Dario, whom she even on their brief acquaintance suspected was as ruthless with women as he was in his business dealings.’ ’At five –foot-five and with the lush curves Megan had felt like an over-endowed pixie next to the slim, stunning women he usually dated’.’He’s rich, arrogant and scarily gorgeous’.’He possessed a deep masculine voice’.’And dad expects me to seduce him’. ‘Because she’d either be in his bed or in a prison cell’. ’Dario De Rossi looked up from adjusting his cuffs, his crystal-blue eyes locking on her face and sending a sizzle of electric energy through her body’.’The man looked devastating in a tux. It emphasized the magnificent width of his shoulders, the leanness of his waist and the length of his legs’.’His English was so perfect, with only the slightest hint of his Italian heritage. His deep husky rumble of his voice skated over her as she drew level with him and glimpsed at the dark flash of hunger in his eyes’.’Relax cara mia,’ as his rough chuckle scraped across her nerve-endings’.’His lips quirked ’You are very beautiful in your own unique way’. 'He focused on her mouth, and a soft indrawn breath escaped at the hunger in his eyes’. ‘The colour of your hair reminds me of a naked flame and I wonder if you’re as fiery in bed? let’s get you to the ball, Cinderella’.’Strangely he remembered, her from a month ago her deep intense green eyes, that had captivated him, but only for a moment, as she had ducked her head.’ ’Her hunger for him was as real as his’. His decision was made. ‘Playing with fire it is, then’.’Get in the car, Megan,’ he murmured, his voice deep with purpose.’ ’I promise you, I have no intention of destroying your father’s company. Now get in the car’.’He had become spellbound by his own lust’.’Her blunt honesty was ridiculously charming, especially when she blushed’.’No wonder this woman was so damn captivating’.’Her delightfully gauche statement had him throwing back his head and laughing out loud for the first time in, longer than he could remember’.’It had made her feel special’.’ Damn what do you do to me, piccolo?’’The deep blue of his irises seemed to sparkle just for her when he said it’.
Heidi Rice has used her creative writing skills and imagination to spin a fairy tale where the demon monsters existing in the mind is slayed by innocence, trust and love which can be mistaken for lust on certain occasions. The sarcasm, witticism, sparring used by Dario and Megan are spellbinding and brings about plenty of chuckles for the readers! It has an engaging plot that becomes a compulsive page turner. By the end of the story their personal issues are solved magically and we all know and believe they will live happily- ever -after’. A brilliant Modern genre to keep in the home in any format!