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A Night, A Consequence, A Vow by Angela Bissell

A Night, A Consequence, A Vow by Angela Bissell Book Cover A Night, A Consequence, A Vow by Angela Bissell
Modern Romance( Ruthless Billionaire Brothers,Book1 )
Angela Bissell
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon

Lovely, dramatic, fantastic must buy, must read Modern genre Romance! 5A*!

‘Ramon ignored the disdain in his brother’s voice and unleashed his grin---the one he knew could fell a woman at fifty paces’.’Emily Royce would not be charmed.’ ’She had made him wait. Not for ten minutes. Not for twenty or even forty .But for an hour’.’You do not have an appointment, Mr de la Vega’. ‘Grey eyes, so pale they possessed an extraordinary luminescence, flashed at him from out of a heart – shaped face.’ ‘Pretty, but not his type. Too reserved’.’ Her voice was somehow sweet and icy at the same time’.’So let me make something clear to you right now and save your time. The Royce is not for sale.’ ‘He had unsettled her. ‘ ‘He was a charmer, endowed with good looks, smooth tongue. He was gorgeous, tall and dark, golden –skinned and oozed confidence.’ ‘Ramon was conceding that Emily Royce wasn’t pretty...she was beautiful—despite the back off vibe she radiated with her prickly demeanor’. He retorted, ‘Correct me if I am wrong that you and Mr. Royce have less than six days to raise the money required to settle his debt’. ‘His eyes reminded her of hot, molten caramel---rich and tempting’.’His lips curved and she wondered how many women had fallen prey to that lazy, sensual smile.’ ’His profile looked stern, but there’d been a teasing lilt to his voice’. Emily asked him with anger vibrating in her voice, ’You have exactly three seconds to explain why we’re sitting on a runway next to a plane’.
The readers interest will be raised at this point of the story/plot to find out what will happen next! The plot is engaging and does not have extraneous detail to take one’s focus off the main emotional issues which face Ramon and Emily. The writer’s linguistic skills have been used well with plenty of sarcasm, wit, sparring to keep the attention of the readers totally engrossed. It all ends happily and with such a winsome Emily and to die –for- tycoon who has everything money could buy and now he wins Emily. A true fantasy world where love wins at the end! Stupendous!