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Sicilian’s Baby of Shame by Carol Marinelli

Sicilian’s Baby of Shame by Carol Marinelli Book Cover Sicilian’s Baby of Shame by Carol Marinelli
Modern Romance (Billionaires & One Night Heirs Book 3 ) Trilogy
Carol Marinelli
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Gripping, sensual, emotional Modern genre! 4*

‘Bastiano Conti’s deep voice snapped her to attention as she had just been caught daydreaming by an important guest in his own suite’. When he looked at her, ‘she mesmerised him’ totally. ’The eyes that met his were very dark brown.’ ‘She was as slender as a blade and he saw that her thick black hair was worn up in a messy bun ‘.’Her eyes were amber and she squeezed her eyes closed when he caught her in his embrace.’ ’Bastiano had a reputation for cold-hearted ruthlessness that ran from the boardroom to the bedroom’.’He was stunningly attractive’.’He had a deep, low laugh that was almost enough of a reward’, in itself. ’Bastiano was exquisite’.’He was male beauty personified with a visceral undercurrent that finally matched hers.’ ’Sophie said to him that ‘I have been saving –myself for a time and a person of my choosing’.’She assumed him to be the kindest, most thoughtful person , Bastiano realised and he chose not to enlighten her’.’I wanted you to remember me when you came into this suite’. He drawled, ‘I don’t need a view to remember you’.
The above comments and quotes will whet the appetite of romantic readers to read on as to what happens next. The conversation, dialogue, sparring, sarcasm, are all used effectively to make the plot engaging. Bastiano does reveal his attraction for Sophie quite openly but Sophie is shy and independent and does not reciprocate easily! What does make it a bit confusing is that the storyline gets spiralled into circles within circles with relationships. That can distract the readers to concentrate on the problems and issues of Sophie and Bastiano Conti! Good otherwise.