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Bound by the Millionaire’s Ring by Dani Collins

Bound by the Millionaire’s Ring by Dani Collins Book Cover Bound by the Millionaire’s Ring by Dani Collins
Modern Romance (The Sauveterre Siblings Book 3)
Dani Collins
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Arresting, dramatic and stimulating Modern genre romance! 4*!

The events and conversations, the dialogue, the sparring and sarcasm that ensues when the ‘lovers’ are together is combustible and full of innuendoes which are sensational! Read on……
‘Ramon’s dark hair was cut short, but had a tendency to spike on top.’ ’He was clean shaven, had spectacularly handsome features, angular without being rugged.’ ’His Sauveterre eyes were green when they were amused and gray when they were not’.’His sensuous mouth sat in a flat line’.’His lethal tone cut her in half, sending a burst of adrenaline through her.’ ‘He really was too beautiful.’ ‘Why aren’t you doing your job?’ ’I’m doing it now .If you weren’t interrupting me, I could get on with it’. ‘Arrange a press conference; I’m announcing my retirement from racing’. ‘He stole an appreciative glance to her auburn brows which framed warm brown eyes, with her gold-tipped lashes which were thick and lush’. ‘Her glossy hair had turned to a rich burgundy wine, and had honey-toned cheekbones and wore little makeup.’ ’Her years of doe-eyed hero worship had reflected yearnings and expectations Ramon could never fulfill’. Nonetheless, ‘She was breathtaking’.’I’ll hand in my resignation by the end of the day’.’For one heartbeat the world around him faded’.’Her antipathy ran that deep?’ he mused. Ramon retorted,’ I will make your life extremely difficult if you walk out of here’. He continued, ‘Mind your manners or you will discover exactly what kind of man I am’. ‘He was the arrogant, heartless tyrant’.’Oh this rat wasn’t content to threaten her job but was also ready to break her heart’.’I will never forgive you for this’.’You’re ruining my life’ was her sharp answer. ‘I am not marrying you.’ ’Why are you such a horrible person, Ramon?’’Aside from his incredible devotion to his family and his unbending will to win, his brilliant intelligence and unwavering confidence there was little else to like about him!’ ’Dios , there really was no ignoring how lovely she was’. Isidora pasted on a smile as fake as her engagement and allowed Ramon the Rat to take possession of her life’.
The title will indicate that it is a family story of circles within circles about filial love, loyalty and trust. All that is very inspiring to depend on one’s families! However, the template of Modern genre is power, passion and irresistible temptation! It is more enhanced when it concentrates on the main characters, the hero and the heroine, who in this book three, is Ramon and Isidora. The moment they are in contact with each other the story line picks up sharply and wow it becomes something combustible and a compelling page turner! Unfortunately very soon other characters intrude into the plot! The attention span then flags! And from then on the storyline goes up and down till the issues are resolved, which is not till one reaches the very end of the story! Good on the whole if one engages only with Ramon and Isidora!