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An Heir Made in the Marriage Bed by Anne Mather

An Heir Made in the Marriage Bed by Anne Mather Book Cover An Heir Made in the Marriage Bed by Anne Mather
Modern Romance
Anne Mather
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Engrossing, emotional, fascinating love affair, must buy, must read masterpiece by a Classic writer! 5A* indeed!
The story is unusual as it is a love affair between a husband and wife with strong chemistry between them and an attraction that cannot be forgotten though fate has ‘acted’ strangely and cruelly between them to cause barriers and mistrust which seems insurmountable! Joanna was still however ‘stunning ‘, ‘tall and slim with that curvaceous figure, that sexy riot of sun-streaked curled hair about her shoulders met his startled gaze with her wary violet eyes.’ ‘She couldn’t help noticing that Matt had lost weight and yet was the sexiest man she’d ever known.’ ’There was a brooding sensuality about his dark countenance that had always caused a pleasurable buzz inside her’.’Jo?’ he said, his deep voice scraping like sandpaper over her tortured nerves.’ ‘How good of you to come’.’Was that sarcasm in his voice?’’Matt watching her, couldn’t help noticing how silky her hair was and how soft her skin used to feel under his touch’. ’Whatever had gone before, he was sorry that they’d been living apart.’ Though estranged, there was ‘that magnetic appeal of Matt’ which Jo could not overlook!’She’d known the attraction she’d always had for him hadn’t gone away.’ ‘While Matt thought his wife was so beautiful, her streaked blonde curls shone like gold, her eyes were wide and her twin orbs of a deep blue was surrounded by long darkened lashes.’ ‘He did look a little weary, however, he was still a disturbingly handsome man’. She tried to get her head around the idea that Matt was going to give up his position of running NovCo ! ‘I always thought it was your life.’ ‘Matt’s dark gaze was compelling, as he said, ‘you were my life’.
Anne Mather has taken narrative writing to the nth level of greatness which is like reading a mini novel! The emotional conflict between a husband and wife has been portrayed so beautifully and tenderly! There is no intrusive extraneous detail so the reader’s attention is engaged and focused on the events that unravel before one’s mind. Matt and Jo do come together as it is a fairy tale that comes true to life and one can ruminate happily after the last line has been read! Stupendous and superb!