The Italian’s Virgin Acquisition by Michelle Conder

The Italian’s Virgin Acquisition by Michelle Conder Book Cover The Italian’s Virgin Acquisition by Michelle Conder
Modern Romance
Michelle Conder
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Enthralling, lovely, sensual Modern genre Romance! 5A* undoubtedly!
‘Poppy would recognise Sebastiano anywhere ofcourse. Powerful.Untamed. Stunningly good-looking. He raked a hand through his hair, mussing it into untidy black waves. He was tall, muscular with piercing, brilliant green eyes and was an eye-candy extraordinaire.’ ’Sebastiano was the most superb specimen of a man she had ever come across. The air of power that he carried on him was like an invisible warning for others who dared to take him on’ ’His lips were firm and chiselled without seeming hard’. As he sensed her presence and silent perusal he asked, ‘Who the hell are you?’ ‘His frown deepened as he looked her up and down again’.’I’m an intern. Poppy Connolly. I work for you’. She made his coffee and then inadvertently spilled it on him. That resulted in him changing his shirt and tie and so she offered to help him tie the knot.’ ‘He was tall, well over six feet and she had to rise onto her toes to position the knot of the necktie in the centre of his throat’.’If you do happen to get a job here, don’t ever hand me a call without first finding out who it is’. ‘Poppy pursed her lips, ’not even if the person is crying?’ ‘Especially if the person is crying’.’ His gaze flitted over her face, his green eyes hot and hungry.’. ‘He was gobsmacked from the first moment he’d seen her standing in his doorway. He’d been thrown by those velvet-blue eyes staring at him with no artifice in them at all’. ‘Poppy’s figure was glorious: slim hips, a thick pile of ash-brown hair, pulled into a high ponytail, revealing a slender neck with sweet rosebud lips’.’There was something about her that was at once innocent and impish. And hot.’ ’You said something to my grandfather that suggested we are a couple’.’So what is your price to accompany me to visit them for celebrating their sixtieth wedding anniversary?’ ‘Five hundred thousand pounds? She felt a little drunk at the thought of all that money. She stood up. ‘I...I can’t take your money’.’I’m not a prostitute’.’Are you seriously turning me down because it doesn’t feel right?’’I’m not for sale Mr Castiglione’, she retorted.
Michelle Conder has an inimitable style of writing which casts a spell on those who are romantic at heart! Her billionaire tycoons are to –die-for with their life style, gestures, economy of movements, their domineering presence which often betrays love and deep seated attraction which charms the heroines and in this story it is Sebastiano and Poppy ! They exercise power between them at different times and in different ways, display passion to each other and temptation is apparent whenever they are in each other’s presence! The verbal sparring, dialogue, conversation is scintillating and will bring about plenty of chuckles whilst reading! A brilliant story worthy to be kept in any format either as a paperback or in a kindle. Excellent!