The Tycoon’s Marriage Deal by Melanie Milburne

The Tycoon’s Marriage Deal by Melanie Milburne Book Cover The Tycoon’s Marriage Deal by Melanie Milburne
Modern Romance
Melanie Milburne
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Stimulating, emotional, fantastic Modern Romance! 5A*!
Tillie thought, ‘Was it actually possible to have eyes that unusual shade of blue? A light greyish blue with a dark outline around the iris. His hair was a rich dark brown , his skin was olive toned and tanned, he was tall, so tall he had to stoop, as he stalked into the bakery shop and something zapped her in the chest like a Taser beam.’ ’I hope I don’t have to dislocate my neck to maintain eye contact!’ ‘It was his mouth too that drew her eyes to the top lip that was sculpted and it seemed he knew as it were, all about sensuality’. Tillie on the other hand had chestnut hair, pale complexion with brown eyes. She asked him, ’The usual?’ Blake replied, ’Not today’, in his rich dark honey and gravel voice with his eyes twinkling, he said, ’I’m abstaining from temptation just this once’. Then he continued,’Pretend to be my fiancée for the next month and I’ll take care of those debts for you’. Tillie retorted, ’Pretend to be your….what?’ ‘Are you out of your mind? Pretend to be engaged to you?’'Do it. Don’t .Do it. Don’t . But another part ---a secret, private part ---wanted him. Wanted him.’
Look out for the humour in the following statement! ‘I don’t want to be run out of town by a bunch of villagers wielding baseball bats’. Blake said, in his deep voice,’Just for the record I always get what I want’.’His eyes did that twinkling, glinting thing.’ ‘He was a handsome devil no doubt.’ Whereas Blake thought 'she was feisty, quick-witted, sharp –tongued woman with a body as delectable as the cakes in her shop.' 'She was unique and refreshing with those flashing nutmeg brown eyes who had an adorable little Cupid’s bow mouth’.’ Blake was Potent. Powerful. Sexy.’ ‘She would resist him as she had the willpower, the discipline and self control.’
The romantic reader will have their interest aroused within a couple of pages at the start of chapter one, because of the linguistic style the writer has employed and used to great effect! There are plenty of incidents between Blake and Tillie that calls forth retort, sarcasm, sparring, wit and ironical statements which will cause the readers to laugh outright or chuckle! Blake’s mannerisms, gestures, economy of movements, quirking of the eyebrows are all there to attract the heroine and the women readers too! The storyline is gripping and entices one to read the story in one go! It all ends happily and it is worth it to escape from the harsh realities of the modern society! This fantasy is worth keeping in any format either in a kindle or in a paperback form! Brilliant !