Valdez’s Bartered Bride by Rachael Thomas

Valdez’s Bartered Bride by Rachael Thomas Book Cover Valdez’s Bartered Bride by Rachael Thomas
Modern Romance( Convenient Christmas Brides,Book1)
Rachael Thomas
Modern and Presents
Mills & Boon
Paperback or Kindle

Exhilarating, near impeccable, compelling page turner, superb Modern genre! 5A*unquestionably!
Raul Valdez is as handsome, arresting, billionaire tycoon as one can find or get in a fantasy world! His mannerisms, economy of movements, verbal sparring, sarcasm, wit and yet moments of tenderness in his actions will entice any woman to fall under his charm, particularly when the physical chemistry is so strong! Love or lust?
‘Raul baulked at the memory of the simpering sixteen –year old who’d looked at him like an adorable puppy.’ ’Ten years ago he’d made Lydia feel totally insignificant’.’Lydia mentally braced herself for battle , because this was one fight she was not prepared to lose’.’Going somewhere?’’The sultry accent snared her. Every sculpted angle of his face, high cheekbones, clean shaven face, Romansque nose, deep-set dark eyes, tall ,broad shoulders , olive tones of his skin, was hard to ignore!’’His sexy hint of a smile, made him so attractive.’ Howeve, Lydia replied, ’I don’t care what is in the contract. I’m not going to marry you. Ever.’ Back came the retort from him, ’You may be assured I have absolutely no desire to make a spoilt rich girl my wife’. ‘He had never known such self-assured insolence from a woman as beautiful and alluring as Lydia.’ ‘All this fiery beauty cared about was herself’.’Her green eyes reminded him of the fresh leaves of spring’.’Are you holding out for love, Lydia?’ ’You will come to Madrid , that is non-negotiable.’ And, ‘You will be staying with me’.’The amusement in his eyes increased and that sexy devil-may-care hint of a smile lingered at the edges of his mouth.’ ’Do you think I might seduce you?’’ He was being drawn to her by an attraction so strong, he doubted he had the power to resist its allure’.’Her green eyes blazed like priceless emeralds calling to the lustful desires within him’.
Any romantics out there will be totally trapped by the linguistic skills of Rachael Thomas. She exploits the emotional tussle of Valdez and Lydia to its hilt, by using her writing skills exhaustively! The Epilogue is the icing of the story and ends on a fantastic note! A book to buy and keep to read often in any format! Stupendous!